When shopping for ATV tires, it is important to understand that there are different types of ATV tires. For example, if you are looking for tires that are aggressive enough to traverse muddy trails, you will want to choose ATV mud tires. If you like to ride on the dunes, you will want to shop for ATV sand tires.

ATV Mud Tires

ATV mud tires are made from highly specialized rubber. The best ATV mud tires have long tread lugs and one to two inches of tread depth. There are ample spaces between the lugs to make mud tires self-cleaning. The best ATV mud tires that can pull through a mud pit, providing traction where you need it.

ATV All Terrain Tires

All terrain tires are a step down from mud tires. These ATV tires perform well on fields, as well as rocky and sandy surfaces. They also have a longer lifespan than some other types of ATV tires. ATV all terrain tires perform better at higher speeds and cornering than ATV mud tires. They usually have either longer lateral lugs or more square lugs, depending on the tread pattern, and the tread depth is typically less than one inch.

ATV Snow Tires

ATV snow tires are similar to ATV mud tires and typically have two designs. One design has shorter lugs like a trail tire and larger spacing like a mud tire. Studs can be added to this type of tire. The other design features a mud tire pattern with lugs like a dune tire, giving it the ability to easily maneuver through the snow.

ATV Sand Tires

Driving through sand and sand dunes requires tires with a high degree of traction and floatation. ATV sand tires have long ridges that run through the tire as opposed to tire lugs.

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