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Welcome to our blog! Tony’s Brake & Alignment strives to provide an auto repair blog that is interesting and shines a spotlight on the communities around the Louisville region. Please visit us each month to see helpful information from our auto mechanics, excellent road trip ideas, advice about fleet service, and so forth. You never know what you might learn in the monthly blog articles of Tony’s Brake & Alignment in Louisville!

Heat and Adventures Are Coming. Are You Ready?

Photo by Vitaly Sacred on Unsplash

Heat and Adventures Are Coming. Are You Ready?

Summer is officially here, and most of us are super excited to embark on new adventures this year. With many summer activities to pick from, we recommend that you don't forget about taking care of your car this summer.


The heat brings out people who love going on road trips, and with road trips comes planning. Even if you are not planning to take your car on adventures with you this summer, check out this helpful list of tips to prepare your vehicle for the summer.

Getting Your Car Ready For Summer

Listen to your brakes: Do you hear a grinding noise or feel your brakes vibrating when applying the brakes? That could signify you need new brakes and should take them in for an inspection to be safe. It is possible they don't need replacing just yet, and might just need something tweaked in the brake system.


Check tire pressure and tires: Take a good look at your tires and check for cuts or nails. We recommend checking the tire pressure when the car has been idle for a while, and the tires feel cool to the touch. 


Inspect your AC system: While on a drive, check to see if your air conditioning is running as it should be. If you notice that your car is not doing a good job cooling, take it to get it diagnosed at an auto repair shop. You can take this further and have the cabin filter inspected and replaced if needed.


Secure your battery: If you do not get an indication that your battery is low, you can still make sure it is in optimal condition inside by securing the cable connections are clean and that the hardware is secured correctly. 

While it might feel like there is a lot to do this summer, it is still important that you keep your car in optimum condition by doing some preventative maintenance. At Tony's Brake & Alignment in Louisville, Kentucky, we have an expert team ready to help you with preventative maintenance and care issues. Schedule an appointment today for maintenance and auto repair. Tony's Brake & Alignment is located at 4800 Poplar Level Road, Louisville, KY, 40213. And don't forget to check us out on Facebook for news and updates! We look forward to seeing you soon.