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Is Your Vehicle Ready for Holiday Road Trips?

Photo byTim Mossholder onUnsplash


So it's finally time. The road trip you have been waiting for since the beginning of this exciting year. Do you think you are ready for it? Even if we have taken the most measures by all accounts, we can still allow simple mistakes to slip up and ruin our experience on the road. In this article, our goal is to help you prevent that slip-up and ensure a smooth and fun trip for your family and yourself. 


Thorough check-up and preventive maintenance - Let us ask you this: Are you sure you've taken all the measures? It's not significant malfunctions that cause drivers headaches on their trip, but minor mistakes. 


You should always check your tires, fluids, and battery before packing your bags. For the tires, you can do the penny test. Place a penny with Lincoln's head upside down and facing you into the most shallow groove on the tire. If you can see the whole head of Lincoln, then your tire is too worn out, and you need a new set. 


Regarding fluids, you should regularly change your engine oil. If the moving parts of your engine lack enough oil to lubricate, friction will be created, which in turn would produce heat and lead to frequent overheating of your engine. 


To carry out preventive maintenance on the car battery, routinely test it to ensure it's charged correctly. You can also secure the hold-down bar, which prevents (or minimizes) vibration, which is terrible for specific battery types.

Preventive maintenance is the most helpful activity you can carry out to ensure the safety and smoothness of your vehicle, but it's far from the only one. Regular check-ups with highly skilled mechanics are a necessity if you want to ensure your car's longevity and improve its fuel economy. Although we might be slightly biased in this regard (we are an auto shop after all.), we believe that going a bit on the heavy side and paying a good amount to a great shop IS the best decision you can make for your driving experience.


When it comes to auto repair and vehicles, it's not just about satisfaction from driving but also safety on the road. And unless we want chaos on our highways, we should be more than willing to pay a fair price to create a free, but at the same time, safe driving experience for everybody involved. 


So, are you ready for your next adventure? Before you start the engine, we'd like to have a word with your car! When it comes to driving and auto repair, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Together, we can make sure you reach your destination safely, with conscious and courteous driving and routine maintenance. Schedule an appointment today for maintenance and auto repair. Tony's Brake & Alignment is located at 4800 Poplar Level Road, Louisville, KY, 40213. And don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for news and updates! We look forward to seeing you soon.