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Preventive Maintenance Practices For The Warm Season

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Spring is the season where most want to get some spring cleaning done in preparation for the adventures that await in the warmer months ahead. Unfortunately, most of us fail to remember that our cars need as much attention and preparation as everything else in our lives.


When it comes to spring, our cars need to be checked out and looked at because, after the cold winter months, our cars could have undergone some changes that are hard to notice. We compiled helpful tips for you so you can keep your vehicle in its top performance for years to come!


  • Check your tires: Checking your tires goes much further than just checking for tire pressure. Our tires tend to put in more work during the winter months and therefore could be used up more than usual. If you plan on going into an auto shop, ask your mechanic to check for tire tread, which keeps tires in their optimal condition for braking. Your mechanic will then recommend if you are good to go or if you need a rotation.

  • Wash your car: After a winter season, your vehicle might have picked up some nasty build-up from the road. We recommend you wash or detail your vehicle as it can get rid of that build-up and get your car performing at its best. Additionally, getting your car cleaned up will make it much easier to inspect.

  • Check your car's battery: Your car's battery is what powers all the electrical systems in the vehicle. That is why it is essential that you are aware of its current condition to best prepare it for the upcoming warmer weather. Your car might have experienced unusual drainage during the winter, so getting it checked will make sure you are not left stranded in your next adventure.

  • Inspect your car's fluids: We recommend that you check the conditions of your car's fluids during the springtime. This recommendation comes because our vehicles can sometimes fail to notify us of what is running low or needs to be topped off. The fluids that are the most important to get checked in preparation for the warmer season are your brake, transmission, power steering, and windshield wiper fluids. 

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