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Spring On Over Here To Get Your Air Filters Changed

We can’t believe Spring is here! We can’t wait to see the sun shining, the flowers blossoming, and the days growing longer. At Tony’s Brake & Alignment, our team is looking forward to the change in seasons. Even though Spring is a welcome change from winter, it is also allergy season. Spring is notorious for the amount of pollen in the air. 

Not only does pollen affect you, but it can also affect your vehicle. Your vehicle has two crucial air filters -- the cabin air filter and the engine air filter. Your vehicle has an intake system that draws air into the engine. This air must be free of debris, dirt, dust, and of course, pollen. Your engine air filter protects your engine from these particles by ensuring only clean air reaches the inside of your engine. If your engine air filter is worn or dirty, the chance of contaminated air sneaking into your engine is much higher. 

While your engine air filter is responsible for your engine’s health and overall condition, your cabin air filter is directly responsible for your health. Your cabin air filter out any dust, soot, pollen, or any other environmental allergens to ensure only fresh, clear air is reaching your cabin. Your cabin air filter is essential during Spring, when the air is simply inundated with allergens. That’s why our team recommends springing on over to Tony’s Brake & Alignment to have both cabin and engine air filters changed -- we don’t want any pollen entering your cabin or your engine. 

Spring is the perfect time to have your cabin and engine air filters changed. This way, you won’t have to worry about pollen or any other particles entering your vehicle. Schedule an appointment today. Tony's Brake & Alignment is located at 4800 Poplar Level Road, Louisville, KY, 40213. We look forward to seeing you soon.