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6 Tips for the Rainy Season From an Expert Auto Mechanic in Louisville, KY

6 Tips for the Rainy Season From an Expert Auto Mechanic in Louisville, KY

1. Check Your Tires When the roads are slick, your tires need to be in top condition for maximum traction. Check their tread at the start of the rainy season. Afterward, check the tire pressure, and turn this into a habit every other week. 2. Brake Check Remember that wet roads make it harder for your brakes to ever get truly dry. When your brakes are constantly in humid Kentucky weather, it may take longer for your car to stop. It's important to make sure your brakes are in good condition and the pads aren't degraded. It's also a good idea to ask to have these checked when your oil gets changed. At Tony's Brake & Alignment, we perform professional brake checks to make sure everything is in working condition. While driving, watch out for any unusual sounds like grinding or squeaking when you brake. If you hear anything like that, bring your car in to get checked out immediately. 3. Check Your Windshield Wipers Make sure your windshield wipers are in good condi ... read more