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The Principles of Successful Preventative Maintenance

Photo by Obi on Unsplash 

The Principles of Successful Preventative Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance for your vehicle is preventative in many ways: it prevents overspending, can help prevent accidents, and prevents your car from breaking down from bigger issues in the future. All that preventative maintenance means is giving your car regular maintenance to support its functioning and prevent anything from going awry. Below, we go over the principles of a successful preventative maintenance schedule to help you save time and money. 

Know what needs to get done to your car weekly, monthly, and yearly.

To be successful at preventative maintenance, you need to know what’s to be done to your vehicle to prevent accidents, break-downs, and other issues to be prevented


Most familiarly, you may know how important it is to get oil changes, brake checks, and tire rotations every so often. It’s also important to make sure your windshield wipers and lights are in good health as well. Other things, such as the batteries, hoses, and belts, also need to be replaced at a frequency indicated in your manual by the manufacturer.

Become dedicated to your maintenance schedule.

It’s easy to get caught up in your budget and decide that money would be better spent elsewhere–maybe you’re planning a vacation and need to pull from your dedicated car allotment, or you need extra cash for something else. While you’re the only one who can decide your financial priorities, just remember that investing in your car prevents the need for more costly repairs later. You save money long-term when you are dedicated to your maintenance schedule. 

Set reminders.

Usually, your auto mechanic will remind you when it’s time to come in for your next service. The DVI (digital vehicle inspection) may also show you services that need to be on your radar but can wait until they fall within your budget. Regardless, check out your manual and see if you can create a preventative maintenance schedule on your phone or a cheap calendar. This will keep you on top of all your maintenance needs!

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