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The Winter Fuel Economy And How To Improve Yours

Photo byMatt Collamer onUnsplash

Although the Bluegrass state is not exactly the place you picture when it comes to cold weather, the winter in Kentucky is still authentic, and it can take its toll on your fuel economy for various reasons. In this article, we'll explore a couple of ways to reduce the effect of the cold on your vehicle through creativity, ingenuity, and caution.


Stop Car Idling: Leaving your car idling for too long to warm up for a short or long trip is never a good idea. Your engine is good to go after 30 seconds anyway, and everything after that time mark is both overkill and quite dangerous for your fuel economy. Plus, there's the fact that you are contributing to the global carbon footprint for no apparent reason. If you have to warm your car up, you can always park in hotter spots such as a garage or, if you are in public, a place where your vehicle is exposed to direct sunlight.


Optimum Tire Pressure: Hands down, one of the most underrated tips ever. Optimum tire pressure increases your fuel economy by 3%, which is a substantial amount, especially in the winter months. 


Are You Wasting Power? More often than not, we use too many extras too often on our cars. It doesn't matter whether it is heated seats, Bluetooth, USB ports, or any other electronic devices. Your car has to burn a lot of fuel when turned on. Of course, we know that it's virtually impossible not to use any of the devices mentioned above and methods, so our advice is to reduce their usage unless necessary.


Change Your Oil: One of the great things about the current car and auto repair market is that there are oils explicitly made for peak performance during winter. Exciting times, right?


Unfortunately, we can't reverse the effect cold temperature has on our fuel economy completely. Still, with these tips at hand, you can reduce its toll on your vehicle significantly and support the climate and environment in the process!

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