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Common Car Problems in the Summer

Weather experts project 2023 to have one of the hottest summers on record. Before the summer heat arrives, consider bringing your car to an auto repair shop in Louisville for an inspection and tune up. Hot weather can cause several kinds of car problems, including engine and tire issues. A quick checkup before summer's at its hottest can prevent more serious damage to your car and avoid costly repairs. Here are a few common problems to watch out for.

Overheating Engines

The most common issue that drivers face in summer is overheating. Your vehicle's engine needs to remain within its ideal operating temperatures. It uses a radiator to cool your engine. However, when the air temperature gets very high, radiators become less efficient. When temperatures go over 100 degrees, a car can easily overheat if put under too much stress. An overheating engine can experience serious mechanical problems or even a full-blown failure.

Overheating is hazardous because it causes the metal inside the engine to expand. That expansion can cause parts to rub against one another, which can result in damaged components. High temperatures also soften metal parts, which can lead to permanent deformations. Have your cooling system inspected to make sure it can keep up with the hot days to come. Flushing the cooling system can clear out deposits that could block the flow of coolant to your engine.

Tire Issues

Your tires are also vulnerable to high temperatures. Since roads are paved black, they tend to be hotter than other surfaces. This means that your tires pick up heat quickly. In addition, your tires soften when they get warmer, which causes them to make more contact with the road, increasing friction and heat. Not only does this wear down your tires more during the summer months, but it can also create problems inside the tire.

When tires heat up, the air pressure inside them increases. When you combine this pressure increase with the fact that tire material weakens as it increases in temperature, you may be more likely to experience a blowout in the summer. The solution is to have your tire pressure checked as temperatures warm up. Reducing your tire pressure by a couple of PSI in the summer months can reduce your risk. Consider switching to summer tires that handle heat better.

Brake Issues

Although less common, your car could also experience brake problems due to high temperatures. Brake fluid becomes less effective when it's hot. Your brake fluid heats up as you use the brakes. Braking applies pressure to the fluid which increases its temperature. Hot weather accelerates the fluid's temperature increase. As brake fluid temperature rises, your brake pedal feels softer or less effective.

Have your brakes checked to ensure that your fluid levels are correct and be sure to leave enough room to brake safely.

Choose a Reputable Auto Repair Shop in Louisville

If you've started to experience problems during hot days in Louisville, don't wait for things to get worse! Bring your car to the best mechanics in town for an inspection. If you do need repairs, we can perform them for you quickly and correctly.

Schedule an appointment online with Tony's Brake & Alignment in Louisville, KY today and get your car ready for the summer ahead.