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How Potholes Can Damage Your Car

If you've ever spent one day driving through Derby City, you know that potholes are no rare occurrence. You probably also know that potholes can do some serious damage to cars. Are you wondering about the risks of driving over potholes instead of around them? Are you curious whether you should schedule an appointment with an auto mechanic in Louisville, KY for repair of pothole damage? If so, you're in the right place.

How Potholes Can Damage Your Car

There are several ways that potholes can damage your car. For instance, there is the potential that your tires and rims are damaged. If the damage is only moderate, your tire may be repairable, however, if the damage is severe then it may not be that easy. Your suspension and steering can also be affected negatively if you drive over a pothole.

What Signs Should I Look for That Indicate Vehicle Damage? 

Two of the most common signs that your vehicle has been damaged by a pothole include leaking fluids and an oddly loud exhaust system. You also may have sustained serious vehicle damage if you bounce a lot while driving or feel like your vehicle is pulling to one side when you drive.

Moreover, serious damage to your vehicle may have been sustained if you lose steering control periodically, your steering wheel is loose or crooked, or your steering wheel vibrates a lot. Also, uneven tire wear can indicate that a pothole badly damaged your car and needs to be repaired.

What Can I Do to Reduce the Likelihood of a Pothole Damaging My Car? 

Keeping your car well-maintained can drastically reduce the likelihood that your car becomes damaged when you drive over potholes. For example, you should have your tires rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles and check your tire pressure every two to four weeks to ensure that they remain at the optimal PSI. Another maintenance step to take is replacing worn struts and shocks.

Do I Need an Auto Mechanic in Louisville, KY to Help Me with Pothole Damage Repair? 

If you suspect that your car was damaged when you drove over a pothole, it is essential that you seek help from a local certified mechanic. If you don't have a professional look at your vehicle, even more damage can occur later. For example, if a pothole damages your suspension, you may feel like your car is unbalanced. If your vehicle really is unbalanced or unstable, you could lose control of your vehicle.

Driving over potholes can damage numerous parts of your car, including your suspension and your tires. If you notice signs of vehicle damage, like steering problems or lots of bouncing, you should have a local certified mechanic repair the vehicle before something even worse happens. Make an appointment with us now at Tony's Brake & Alignment if you suspect something is wrong with your car.