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Reasons Your Check Engine Light May Come On

If you've ever seen the check engine light flare to life after starting your car, you know how stressful it is to wonder if your vehicle has potentially expensive engine issues. Don't put off having the problem diagnosed until your routine car maintenance appointment. A check engine light means it's time to head to Tony's Brake & Alignment for auto repair and maintenance in Louisville, KY.

Reasons Your Check Engine Light May Come On
There are numerous reasons why your check engine light may turn on, and most require a visit to a professional to diagnose. Many automotive problems become more costly to fix the longer they go unrepaired, so taking action as soon as your check engine light comes on can end up saving you money down the road.

Faulty Spark Plugs
Spark plugs provide the tiny spark of electricity necessary to ignite air and fuel in the combustion chamber. Failing spark plugs can cause your engine to misfire, triggering your check engine light. Poorly functioning spark plugs can also make your vehicle have difficulty starting and increase exhaust emissions. 

When you bring your car in for a tune-up at Tony's Brake & Alignment, our ASE-certified mechanics will clean and replace your spark plugs as needed. This service will help you avoid engine performance problems caused by bad spark plugs.

A Failing Catalytic Converter
A flawed catalytic converter causes emission problems that can prompt your car's check engine light to glow. Choosing to ignore your vehicle's check engine light could be an expensive error if the catalytic converter causes it. Catalytic converter issues can cause issues with your vehicle's oxygen sensor and reduce fuel economy.

Dodge Pricey Problems With Routine Car Maintenance 
Typically, when a catalytic converter fails, there's an underlying reason. An inefficient engine can burn oil and emit damaging byproducts. Trouble with an air intake component, such as an air filter or mass air flow sensor, can also cause issues. Regular maintenance and tune-ups help prevent mechanical problems that can lead to a damaged converter.

A Loose Gas Cap
Out of all the issues that can cause your check engine light to illuminate, a loose gas cap is by far the easiest to fix. Since there's a chance that the check engine light could be caused by forgetting to tighten your gas cap after refueling, you'll want to check and make sure your gas cap is fastened securely to make sure you don't overlook an uncomplicated solution.

If you realize your gas cap isn't the culprit, you'll want to take immediate action and bring your vehicle in for diagnosis. Putting off addressing the cause of the light could allow a minor concern to spiral into something serious. There's also the possibility that other problems could occur while the check engine light is on, and you would be unaware.

Trusted Auto Repair in Louisville, KY
Whether your check engine light is glowing or you want to avoid vehicle problems by keeping your car well-maintained, we're here to help. Our auto repair specialists are ready to diagnose and repair any issues and perform preventative care.

We know how frustrating it is to deal with car problems, and we're committed to getting you back on the road. Let our family-owned business provide a personalized, affordable auto care experience. Contact Tony's Brake & Alignment today and see how our team will go the extra mile to keep your vehicle running smoothly.